Looking to upgrade your garden? These do-it-yourself projects are an easy way to get started! We have plenty of great DIY garden projects to keep you busy.

1.Concrete Table

Concrete tables make a stylish addition to any outdoor space. These tables are sturdy and resistant to moisture, plus a simple table like this one has the ability to transform your yard.

2.Miniature Succulent Garden

Make a charming desert landscape with a miniature succulent garden. We chose to include an arbor, a chair, a cat, and a wheelbarrow, but feel free to use whatever figurines you please.

3.Tool-Cleaning Station

Kill two (or three, or six) birds with one stone by cleaning all of your tools at once. This DIY tool-cleaning station uses just three materials and ensures clean tools without a whole lot of scrubbing.


Terrariums are a great idea because they add a mini garden to any indoor space, no matter the season outside. Make your own to adorn a desk or to serve as a dining table centerpiece. Just be sure to keep it in a well-lit area away from a major heat source, like a radiator or fireplace.

5.Miniature Evergreen Garden

How-to on how to plant Bonsai containers. Conifers: Chamaecyparis pisifera ‘Tsukumo’, Picea glauca ‘Jean’s Dilly and Valley Cushion Mugo pine Dwarf heuchera. Bottle of Superthrive solution.

Mini conifers and perennials (we used a chartreuse Heuchera) make for a green and tiny landscape. Once finished, cover the soil with gravel and sheet moss to keep moisture from evaporating too quickly.

6.Concrete Paver Planter

Concrete planters generate a modern look that can revamp any garden. With our easy step-by-step tutorial, you’ll learn how to make inexpensive concrete planters for your own garden.

7.Outdoor Gardening Station

By transforming an old china cabinet, you can make your very own outdoor gardening station to hold tools, pots, and all of your other garden knickknacks. Decorate with the paint colors and tiles of your choice.

8.Bottle Bird Feeders

Make use of a recycled glass bottle to feed the birds in your garden with this super easy bird feeder project. Doll up the feeder with a charm or bracelet hanging off the copper wire.

9.Living Succulent Picture

A framed succulent picture acts in two ways: As a vertical garden and as a piece of artwork. The low water requirements of succulents make this piece easy to care for. As a bonus, Cara and Will Meyers of DIG Gardens in Santa Cruz give tips on vertical gardening.

10.Log-Slice Steps

Utilize a fallen tree trunk or buy precut log slices to make this pretty path for your garden. If you’re going the precut route, use assorted-colored wood stains for a naturally sporadic walkway look.

11.Hanging Wooden Basket Container Garden

Love the look of a hanging plant, but don’t know where to start? Our hanging wooden basket container garden can be made in any size and boasts moss underneath soil and your choice of plant.

12.Dogwood Garden Orb

If you have leftover dogwood branches from pruning season, we have a good use for them. These easy natural garden ornaments make beautiful decorations and require minimal supplies.

13.Double Decker Fountain

An outdoor fountain can turn any small garden into an exotic outdoor room. The best part about making your own fountain is that you can customize it any way you want to—our version even includes pot feet to pump water with ease.

14.Chalkboard Plant Markers

As the seasons change, so do our plants. Sometimes it can be difficult keeping track of which plant sits where in your garden or seed-starting pot. Distinguish your plants with our plant markers, simply coated in chalkboard paint for easy use and identification.

15.Pond Box

Get all the benefits of an in-ground water feature with a pond box. Pond boxes can fit in smaller spaces like patios, balconies, and decks. Once you’re finished making your pond box, decorate with ornaments and water-loving plants.

16.Miniature Herb Garden

Make this miniature herb garden in under an hour with our step-by-step guide. Fill a wooden box or seed flat with soil and plant the herbs of your choice. Finish off with mini pebbles for decoration.

17.Rain Barrel

Did you know that for each inch of rain that falls on 500 square feet of roof, you can collect 300 gallons of water? By making your own rain barrel, you can save both water and the money in your pocket. Our DIY rain barrel even includes an attachment for your hose.

18.Concrete Balls

Concrete balls are an inexpensive and fun accent to add to your garden. Make these outdoor decorations yourself with some household items, including a glass globe from a light fixture or a glass Christmas ornament and concrete or mortar mix.

19.Terra-Cotta Pot Makeovers

Sick of the same old orange-tan terra-cotta pots to hold your beautiful blooms? Take some makeover tips from Stephanie Rose of Garden Therapy to make your pots look like pieces of art rather than boring garden components.

20.Potting Bench

Our DIY potting bench is the perfect place to keep your garden tools and accessories. Make it yours by staining or painting the apparatus and adding hooks and freestanding containers where needed.

21.Pallet Garden Organizer

Upcycle a cast-off pallet into a garden tool organizer to hang in your garage or shed. Simply stain the pallet with your choice of stain color and attach pegboard wall hooks to hold your tools.

22.Compost Bin

Helping the environment has never been so easy! Use a drill with a paddle bit to make holes in rows around an empty trash bin for a DIY compost bin.

23.Marbleized Pots

The best part about these DIY marbleized pots is that every one will have a unique look. Lightly swirl paints to creat a marble pattern on each terra-cotta pot and saucer, then fill with soil and your favorite container blooms.

24.Vertical Herb Gardens

Vertical gardens are perfect for when you have limited space in your garden or want to add some green to a porch or patio. Kate Richards of Drinking with Chickens designed nine eye-pleasing ideas for vertical ways to grow your herbs.

25.Raised Bed

Make growing any plant easier with a raised bed in your yard. Not only do raised beds make it easier to control soil conditions, but your back will thank you. Find out how to make your own raised garden bed with our tutorial.

26.Succulent Wreath

A succulent wreath is a trendy decoration that fits any season. These wreaths require little water and add a festive look to any space.