Sustainable and tech-friendly are what homebuyers want in outdoor living spaces, according to the American Society of Landscape Architects’ 2017 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey.

The survey included responses from 817 landscape architects. Overall, the projects that attracted most demand are native or adapted drought-tolerant plants, according to 82 percent of those surveyed. Low-maintenance landscapes were also a big winner, according to 79.3 percent.

Other popular projects include food and vegetable gardens, including orchards and vineyards (76.5 percent), permeable paving (76.3 percent), reduced lawn area (72.7 percent), fire pits and fireplaces (71.5 percent) and drip/water irrigation (71.1 percent).

The outdoor design elements expected to be the most popular this year include fire pits and fireplaces, wireless/internet connectivity, lighting, outdoor furniture and seating/dining areas.

“The fact that more consumers want outdoor wireless access shows that they want expanded options for remaining connected to their devices,” said Nancy C. Somerville, Hon. ASLA, executive vice president and CEO of ASLA.

The outdoor structures anticipated to be the most-wanted for this year include pergolas, decks, fencing, arbors and ADA-accessible strictures, such as ramps, bars and shelving.

The most popular outdoor recreation amenities for 2017 most likely will be sports courts, spa features and swimming pools (39.2 percent).

“Well-designed residential landscapes provide social interaction, enjoyment of nature, and physical activity, while also reducing water use and stormwater runoff,” added Somerville. “Landscape architects are pros at creating sustainable outdoor spaces that reflect their clients’ dreams for relaxation and meaningful activity.”




Outdoor spaces: What homebuyers are looking for